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As a gesture of gratitude to our members for their unwavering support, I have converted the free content into Foundry Adventures. With this update, you can now fully immerse yourself in the adventure without worrying about walls, lighting, sound, or artwork as I’ve taken care of it all for you. Additionally, the adventure also includes links to D&D Beyond, allowing for seamless use with Curse of Strahd. Enjoy the enhanced experience and happy adventuring!

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In addition to our free PDF guides, we also provide a complimentary detailed time-stamped video guide for each adventure. I take pleasure in sharing this journey with you, and I sincerely hope that you find these resources helpful and enjoyable.


Author: Pyram King

Editor: Jesse Winter

Battle Maps: DM Andy

Foundry VTT developer: Blair

Tokens: Tixu

Village Maps: Langedrosa Blauzorn

Art: AI-generated by Pyram King

Pyram King

A son of foreign exchange teachers, Pyram King became a world traveler by the age of ten. His travels have taken him to the jungles and remote villages of Southeast Asia and on the Trans-Siberian Railway when China was ruled by Mao and the Soviet Union was a superpower. He’s experienced a coup and unrest in Central America, explored remote islands in the Pacific, climbed Kilimanjaro, and spent turbulent years in the Persian Gulf.
This love of travel as well as his literary inspirations (Burton, Lawrence, Hemingway, and Hesse) are defining features of his life that have infused in him a profound interest in the histories and cultures of the places he has visited.

Pyram is the author of the Destiny’s War historical fiction series, a content creator for D&D and other RPGs, and a developer of tabletop RPGs.

The Legends of Barovia Campaign is unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. Portions of the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC.

 All other original material in this work is copyright 2021 by PYRAM KING LLC.

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Thank you, Pyram King


legends of Barovia

A Curse of Strahd Campaign
available in PDF and Foundry VTT

Legends of Saltmarsh

A Ghosts of Saltmarsh Campaign
coming in 2023.

King RPG

RPG system with no hit points, no levels, no classes
coming soon.

Foundry VTT Guides

Video Guides for Foundry VTT

Foundry Zen

Videos walling and lighting foundry maps.
with ambient chill music.


RPG Thoughts

Videos on various thoughts, ideas, and suggestions for RPGs

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