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Legends of Barovia

Legends of Barovia is an extensive collection of guides that explore and expand upon the Curse of Strahd campaign setting. These guides draw inspiration from various sources, including classic literature, historical events, and my own creative imagination, as well as elements from different editions of D&D, such as 1e, 2e, 3e, and 5e. You can find a comprehensive list of the inspirations for the guides in the appendix of the Campaign Guide.

Before starting a campaign, I recommend reading the Campaign & Player Guides, which are available for free. Additionally, you may find the video “Are you Ready” to be useful.

Absolutely! Our mission is to offer top-quality guides to our amazing community for FREE. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has a great time exploring Barovia.

You can find a complete list of our FREE PDF guides by following this link: List of FREE PDF Guides.
These guides utilize content featured in our video guides, which can be found here: List of Video Guides

Yes, Legends of Barovia serves as a supplement to the Curse of Strahd adventure module. The PDF Guides include hyperlinks to D&D Beyond and page numbers from the Curse of Strahd book. To access areas or details not covered by the guide, you will need to possess a copy of the Curse of Strahd.

Several guides in Legends of Barovia have been influenced by fan content. For instance, DragnaCarta’s post on Strahd inspired the Guide to Strahd, while MandyMod’s Reddit post on Vallaki influenced the Village of Vallaki expansion. The creation of Busty in the Wizard’s Tower was inspired by Lunch Break Heroes video.

In each case, the fan content that served as inspiration is credited and linked in the table of contents of the corresponding PDF Guides.

It is worth noting that Legends of Barovia draws inspiration from various sources and has incorporated and modified ideas to create a unique setting.

Please note that I am a Patreon supporter of both DragnaCarta and Lunch Break Heroes.

At the moment, the Legends of Barovia is exclusively for D&D 5e. Nevertheless, I have been actively researching and considering the possibility of developing a supplement for PF2 in the future.

The PDF Guides are currently available only in English. However, a French version of the guides has been created by Tixu, which is available to members. If you are a member and would like to access the French version, please contact @Tixu on Discord in the #french-members section.

For Foundry users, there is a Comprehend Languages Module that can be used to translate text in Foundry. This module requires the Deepl API to automatically translate Foundry Journal entries.

For more information about this option, please visit:

The Legends of Barovia is a collaborative undertaking involving both the team and the community. The project begins with the creation of Early-Release Play Test Guides, which are made available in both PDF and Foundry formats exclusively for member supporters. DM Andy takes charge of crafting the battle maps, which serve as a source of inspiration and ideas. Feedback from the member supporters is eagerly anticipated and is instrumental in the finalization of the guide.

Once feedback has been gathered, I use it to generate a final draft guide that is then sent to Jesse Winters, the editor. During this period, Tixu designs the tokens. Once the FREE PDFs, tokens, and artwork are complete, I incorporate all the content from the FREE PDF guide to create the final Foundry Adventure.

The Legends of Barovia project began in June 2021, with the release of two guides each month. The final guide, the Catacombs of Ravenloft, was completed in March 2023. We are presently releasing updated final FREE PDFs and Foundry modules.

Our project is made possible by the incredible contributions of our team and member supporters!


♦   Pyram King  (author)
♦   DM Andy (map maker)
♦   Blair (Foundry Development and Support)
♦   Jesse Winter (editor)
♦   Tixu (Tokens & French Translations & French Moderator)

Discord Support & Moderators

♦   @CryptoKaiju [UTC -5]
♦   @HawksTalon [UTC -8]
♦   @ElvenCari [UTC +1]

As of March 2023, the core locations featured in Curse of Strahd have been fully covered. In collaboration with DM Andy, we have begun developing further fan content and supplements for Curse of Strahd, which will be made available periodically. Stay tuned for announcements regarding these new releases.

Every month, I share a comprehensive update that includes the release schedule for the month, progress on long-term projects, and other pertinent information. Here’s an example of what you can expect:  March 2023 Update

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To support this project and provide free PDF Guides to the community, we have created memberships.

As a gesture of gratitude for your support, members gain access to additional bonus content, which includes:

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All membership tiers grant access to all of the available content.
As a token of appreciation, Legendary members are acknowledged in the PDF and Foundry Adventures and YouTube videos.
Furthermore, Legendary members are given exclusive access to LegendKeeper for Legends of Barovia and Legends of Saltmarsh.

We value community feedback and encourage members to share their thoughts and suggestions regarding our PDF and Foundry Adventures. Members receive early access to play-test versions and can provide feedback via the #guide-feedback section on our Discord Server.

When posting, please include:

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Foundry VTT

Foundry VTT is a digital platform designed for playing tabletop RPGs online. Legends of Barovia Adventures are specifically created for use with Foundry VTT.

To learn more about Foundry VTT, please visit the following link:

Foundry v9+ Adventures. The Foundry VTT adventures created for version 9 are compatible with versions 8, 9, 10, and 11, but they do not support the new feature sets on version 10 or later Foundry versions. To install version 9+ adventures, the Scene Packer module is required. The play-test versions of Legends of Barovia are created in version 9+. However, the completion of Castle Ravenloft will mark the end of the version 9+ adventure series. All upcoming content, including play-tests, will be developed using version 10 or the most recent version of Foundry. Nevertheless, the existing version 9+ adventures will remain available on the Ko-Fi shop for members who are using earlier versions of Foundry.

Foundry v10+ adventures. The adventures designed for Foundry versions 10 & 11 utilize the new Foundry Adventure Compendiums. These adventures are completely new and are not updates of version 9+ adventures. If you wish to install a version 10 adventure, it is recommended to first uninstall the version 9+ adventure that you have installed to avoid possible conflict.

The Legends of Barovia was created as a series of Foundry Adventures for several reasons. Firstly, it has been an ongoing project for over two years, and rather than waiting until the end, I decided to release chapters as soon as they were ready so that people could enjoy it right away. Secondly, releasing play-test versions by chapter made it easier to receive feedback and for users to digest the content. Thirdly, managing updates and edits is far easier with a series of adventure modules than with one large release, as the current version is being updated from v9+ to v10. Fourthly, a single release would be massive, as the current total file size of all chapters is close to 1gb. Lastly, importing one single massive file into Foundry could be taxing on both the host and the player’s experience, potentially slowing down Foundry. Therefore, for reasons such as maintaining version control, updates, file size, and release schedules, it is just easier to manage the content with a series of adventure modules rather than one single large one.

Yes, Legends of Barovia version 10+ is designed in Foundry version 10 and compatible with Foundry version 11.  As Foundry releases new versions we will be updating our content.

The Foundry Adventure Modules for Legends of Barovia provide all the essential locations and information from Curse of Strahd, and also offer convenient links back to D&D Beyond Curse of Strahd. Once you’ve installed the adventure, you have the freedom to customize it as desired. You can choose to run it “RAW” using the D&D Beyond links or edit the journal entries to include additional fan content or your own homebrew ideas. Furthermore, you can import 3rd-party, maps (3d, animated, high-resolution), tokens, sound, and other graphics to enhance the adventure experience.

The Legends of Barovia content is exclusive to Foundry VTT and is not available for any other virtual tabletop platform.

Foundry Adventures are an exclusive benefit for members who support the Legends of Barovia project. As a way of expressing our gratitude, we have converted the free content into Foundry Adventures, complete with walls, lighting, sound, and artwork, to save you valuable time. Additionally, the adventures include links to D&D Beyond, making them compatible with Curse of Strahd. If you’re interested in becoming a member and gaining access to these exclusive benefits, you can do so by following this link. Become a member

Yes, there are some requirements for installing certain adventures:

♦  Adventures that are v9+ require the Scene Packer module for installation.
Adventures that are v10 or higher use the Foundry Adventure Compendium and do not require the Scene Packer module.

Please note that some adventures use Monk’s Active Tile Triggers for features such as teleportation.

While I have used between 80-120 modules for various campaigns and adventures, I am hesitant to recommend any specific third-party modules. The reason being, there are so many options available, and the ideal module for your game will depend on the type of experience you want to create. Additionally, some modules’ status may fluctuate between third-party support and Foundry version updates, making it essential to back up your content before updating.

If you are seeking recommendations, our Discord server and Foundry’s Discord server are excellent resources to find suggestions from experienced Foundry users.

No, my objective is to create adventures that are playable on all types of machines, including low-end laptops and PCs, as well as low-bandwidth internet connections. To achieve this, I utilize efficient webp compression techniques for graphics and maps and limit file sizes.

If desired, high-resolution 8k maps available through DM Andy’s Patreon, or 3D maps, animated maps and tokens can be substituted. However, before incorporating these into the game, I recommend verifying the capabilities of all players’ computers to ensure that higher-end graphics and larger file sizes can be accommodated and that everyone can enjoy a smooth experience.

We offer assistance to our members via our Discord server. To access the members’ section, be sure to link your Discord account to your Ko-Fi account if you are a member.

Visit the #TICKET-SUPPORT in the Members Section on Discord.
Create a Ticket and provide the details so we can address the problem.
Please bear in mind that we operate in different time zones, but we strive to respond to your queries within 24 hours.

The following video provides a step-by-step guide on installation. For both self-hosting or on the Forge (cloud hosting).

Ko-Fi & Patreon

Ko-Fi is a platform that provides an alternative to Patreon for creators to share content and receive support from their community. In January 2023, I migrated from Patreon to Ko-Fi and launched my new website.

As a full-time content creator, I believe that Ko-Fi is the best platform to provide content and support to the community due to its feature-rich platform with an online shop, tier memberships, donations, commissions, blog posts, and various integrations. It also offers a low-cost solution compared to other platforms. Furthermore, Ko-Fi provides excellent customer and creator support and does not require a royalty-free perpetual irrevocable license agreement, which other platforms like Patreon do. Content creators can be sensitive about such license agreements after the OGL shyt-show.

All the content previously on Patreon has been migrated to Ko-Fi shop.

To learn more about Ko-Fi, visit their website at

In January 2023, I transitioned from Patreon to Ko-Fi. I am no longer accepting new supporters on Patreon and encourage existing supporters to migrate to Ko-Fi.

While I will continue to maintain Patreon for existing supporters and updates to Legends of Barovia content, all new content and projects will only be available on Ko-Fi.

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