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  • Legends of Barovia
  • Legends of Saltmarsh
  • Foundry Adventures
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Guide Library
  • Members receive and participate in the early release play testing. Afterward, it is updated and edited to create the FREE PDFs.
  • Bonus Content may include Token Packs, Art Packs, Theater of the Mind, and Sound Files.
  • Foundry Adventures v9+ compatible with Foundry v8, v9, and v10
  • Foundry Adventures v10+ compatible with Foundry v10 and v11 
  • Foundry Adventures v11 compatible with Foundry v11 for 5e and System Agnostic
  • Grey Buttons indicated future release
  • Requires Curse of Strahd




Random Encounters
Barovia Atlas

levels 1 to 3

levels 3 to 4

levels 4 to 5


levels 5 to 6

levels 6 to 7

levels 7 to 8

Worg Cave
Ascent to Tsolenka
Ruins of Bargau

levels 8 to 9

Gates of Tsolenka
Tsolenka Pass


Berez Hex Crawl
Berez Burgomaster Ruins
Berez Church Ruins
Bullywug Village
Baba Lysaga Encounter

levels 9 to 10

Amber Temple


Pillar of Ravenloft
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