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Player Handouts

Fanes of Barovia

Fanes of Barovia records the legends of the Fey and the history of Barovia.

Artimus's Journal

The journal is written by Artimus a wizard architect apprentice.

  • Quest: Plans to Ravenloft
  • Locations: Amber Temple
  • Rarity: Artifact
  • Suggestions: Provides lore on Ravenloft and what happened in the Amber Temple
Baba Lysaga's Book of Dreams

Baba Lysaga recorded her thoughts and dreams.

  • Quest: –
  • Location: Baba Lysaga’s Hut
  • Rarity: Artifact
  • Suggestions: A series of poems and drawings, reflecting the state of mind of Baba Lysaga
Barovian Poems

Various poems of Barovia

  • Quest: Fey Quest (poems for ritual)
  • Location: Walpole & Son, Van Richten’s Tower, Lila’s Home
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Suggestions: The book contains the three poems needed for consecrating the Fey. Only Lila and a few would know which poems are used.
Battle at the Gates of Tsolenka

History of the Great War and one of the battles.

Battle of Berez

History of the Great War and one of the battles.

Blessed Life of Saint Andral

Story of Saint Andral

  • Quest: Bones of Saint Andral
  • Locations: St. Andral’s Church, Church in Village of Barovia, and the Abbey
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Suggestions: Provides more back-story and history of the bones and the church in Vallaki
Brother Valen's Prayer Book

Prayer Book with a personal first-hand account of the Abbey and St. Markovia

  • Quest: –
  • Locations: Abbey of St. Marokvia
  • Rarity: Artifact
  • Suggestions: Provides more back-story and lore about Strahd’s relationship with St. Markovia
Devil We Know

A small book used by Lady Wachter’s Cult

Diary of Lovina Wachter

A private diary of Lovina Wachter

  • Quest: Toast to Leo
  • Locations: Wachterhaus
  • Rarity: Artifact
  • Suggestions: Hidden with the bones of Leo in Wachter’s bedroom. It tells how Leo was murdered and the rise to power in the Wachter family. If the Tser Pool Vistani receives diary and the bones, the characters will become allies and they will show you the secret entrance to Ravenloft.
Fall of Argynvost

The history of Lord Argynvost.

Legend of Lugdana

The story of Lugdana, Lord Argynvost’s adopted daughter, and powerful knight during the Great War.

Letters from Count Lugosi's Manor

Various letters from Count Lugosi’s manor describe the demise of the Lugosi family and connections to Strhad.

  • Quest: –
  • Locations: Count Lugosi’s Manor
  • Rarity: Artifact
  • Suggestions: Provides backstory and sets the tone for Barovia. A glimpse of who Strahd is.
Lords of Barovia

The history book of the Lords of Barovia from year zero to when Strahd became the Lord of Barovia.

Lost Plans of Ravenloft

The architectural plans for Ravenloft.

  • Quest: Find the Ravenloft Plans
  • Locations: Amber Temple
  • Rarity: Artifact
  • Suggestions: Artimus drew these plans of Ravenloft. Elder Balan will share with the party that the plans to Ravenloft are hidden in the Amber Temple, if they can find them he will show them the secret entrance to Ravenloft. A great find for the party who is able to plan their mission into Ravenloft.
Ludmilla's Journal

The vampire Ludmilla’s journal and her plans to rule Barovia.

  • Quest: –
  • Locations:  Ludmilla’s tower at Tsolenka Gate.
  • Rarity: Artifact
  • Suggestions: A source of information and perhaps an insight, if Ludmilla is to be the fated alley.
Monster Hunter's Guide

A guide on hunting monsters in Barovia, written by van Richten. It is banned by Strahd.

  • Quest: –
  • Locations:  Van Richten’s Tower, Ezmerelda’s Wagon, and Rictavio’s Wagon.
  • Rarity: Very Rare
  • Suggestions: Walpole will know about it and it may create some interesting role-playing and perhaps a side quest for Walpol, as he would love to have a copy of this rare (banned) book.
Morninglord Prayer Book

The book Prayers of the Morninglord is found in various churches and those devote to the Morninglord.

Myth of Khazan

A rare book about the great wizard of Barovia, Khazan.

Oath Celestial

The oath was taken by the Knights of the Order of the Silver Dragon

  • Quest: The Suffering
  • Locations: Argynvostholt 
  • Rarity: Very Rare
  • Suggestions: The book provides a clue as to the knights who would provide quests (the Suffering) and aid the party.
Rictavio's Journal

Reveals that Van Richten is in disguise as Rictavio and contains notes on the various people of Vallaki

  • Quest: –
  • Locations: Blue Water Inn, Rictavio’s Room
  • Rarity: Artifact
  • Suggestions: The journal provides insight into the folk in Vallaki. One way the party may learn who Rictavio really is.
Rudolph van Richten's Journal

Records the history of Van Richten and Ezmerlda.

  • Quest: –
  • Locations: Van Richten’s Tower
  • Rarity: Artifact
  • Suggestions: Provides the party insight into who Van Richten is and Ezmerlda. A good find, if Ezmerlda is the fated ally.
Song of the Sun Blade

A poem about the Sun Blade

Tatyana's Diary

The diary reveals the story of her and Sergei, Strahd, lore from the Legends of Barovia campaign, and also reveals a secret door in the room she used to sneak out at night to meet with her lover Sergei.

  • Quest: –
  • Locations: Ravenloft (K34)
  • Rarity: Artifact
  • Suggestions: Provides insight into Tatyana and reveals the secret door in the room.
Testament of a Dying Soldier

A letter by a soldier who served Strahd tells a story about desecrating the Fey Shrines and searching for a gem.

  • Quest: Fey Quest – finding the Blue Gem
  • Locations: Krezk, Darovich the wolf hunter
  • Rarity: Artifact
  • Suggestions: Darovich is a pagan and prays to the Fey. He will share it with the party if he trusts them and believes it will help them. The letter gives clues to two possible hidden locations (Gitrog Cave and Strahd’s mother’s tomb).
Wines of Barovia

History of the Wizard of Wines and Barovian Wines.

  • Quest: Fey Quest – provides backstory and clues, also for Player Hook – Merchant Quest
  • Locations: Walpole Bookstore in Vallaki, Wizard of Wines, and various homes.
  • Rarity: common
  • Suggestions: The book can be given at the start of the campaign to the player with the Missing Merchant quest.
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