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Abbey of St. Markovia

The abbey’s origins can be traced to a structure believed to have been constructed around year 20. It was initially a manor, its lord’s name unrecorded in the annals of history.

These were dire days, shrouded in the ominous reign of King Dostron the Hellborn, whose tyranny cast a long shadow over the land. Fear gripped the hearts of many, yet the lord of the manor was a beacon of compassion. He offered respite to weary travelers and those seeking solace, never prying into their stories and always prioritizing their well-being above his own.

The benevolent lord, bereft of heirs, bequeathed the manor to a devoted chambermaid who had faithfully served him until his final breath. The chambermaid, touched by the lord’s gift and kindness, continued the tradition of providing warmth and sustenance to those seeking refuge. With unwavering faith, she beseeched the Morninglord for solace.

When King Dostron the Hellborn’s dark reign finally ended, the maid, now the mistress of the manor, embarked on a noble journey. She utilized the generous resources left behind by her benefactor to transform the old manor into an abbey and fortified its walls. Embracing the sisterhood, she dedicated her remaining days to the service of others. Her name would forever be remembered as Sister Marta, and she bestowed upon the place its name: the Abbey of Brilliant Worship. Within these walls, her vision flourished, shaping the abbey into a sanctuary, a place of healing, devotion, and compassion.

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