Arasek’s Stockyard

Levels 4-6

Gunther and Yelena Arasek are the long-standing proprietors of the stockyard, a fenced-in area rented by local townsfolk and businesses for storage, horses, and wagons. Toad, their adopted son, is a kind-hearted young man who spends his nights guarding the stockyard and granting access to those who need it. He is often seen tending to the horses at night, as he is paid to feed and care for them.

The warehouse, where goods are prepared for trade with Krezk and the village of Barovia. Meanwhile, the small house behind the warehouse serves as both a modest general store and the family’s home. During the day, Yelena manages the shop, selling various items to the townsfolk.

The stockyard in the village has been a constant source of trouble, with reports of break-ins, thefts, and rumors of illicit black-market dealings with the Vistani becoming more common. Yelena, determined to put an end to the escalating issues, has repeatedly notified Izek to the point of being perceived as a nuisance. Despite her efforts, most of her complaints have been disregarded as Izek has grown weary of her persistence. Nonetheless, to alleviate Yelena’s concerns and ensure no unlawful activities take place, Izek or a guard occasionally inspects the stockyard during off-hours.

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