Argynvost, a majestic silver dragon with the ability to transform into a nobleman, journeyed to Barovia in 274. Cloaked in human guise, he aligned himself with the mystical fey, sparking rumors that the fey themselves had summoned him to oversee the realms of men. Hiring the renowned Ursari stonemasons, he erected a grand manor atop a hill north of Berez, providing him a commanding view of the Luna River.

During his travels, Argynvost encountered a young girl, the sole survivor of a bandit attack that claimed her parents’ lives. Moved by her plight, he adopted her, naming her Lugdana. Under his tutelage, Lugdana blossomed into one of Barovia’s most valiant knights, instilling fear in the hearts of her adversaries.

With knowledge of the enigmatic Amber Temple’s secrets, Argynvost bid the Ursari to construct the imposing gates of Tsolenka Pass, a bulwark against unwanted intruders. He established the Order of the Silver Dragon, a cadre of knights renowned for their valor across centuries.

However, the aftermath of the Great War brought tragic consequences. Branded a traitor, Argynvost met a tragic end alongside Lugdana at the hands of Strahd. Strahd’s wrath extended to the knights, with only Vladimir Horngaard escaping immediate death. Consumed by vengeance, Vladimir and several of his brethren returned as revenants destined to forever haunt the realm.

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