Foundry v11 Adventure includes: 5e and System Agnostic versions


Campaign Guide

Experience the rich and mythical lands of Barovia like never before with Legends of Barovia. Our expanded Curse of Strahd campaign introduces new lore and takes you on an incredible adventure through the captivating world of Barovia.

Discover the enduring legacy of Curse of Strahd and Ravenloft (I6), beloved campaigns in the D&D canon. Since its release in 1983, Ravenloft (I6) has evolved over four decades, with additions and enhancements in D&D 2e and 3.5e. This campaign setting offers a tapestry of adventures, monsters, treasures, and lore, which were further revitalized in the 2016 release of Curse of Strahd for 5e.

Having personally explored Castle Ravenloft in 1984, I became captivated by its enchanting allure. When I returned to Ravenloft through Curse of Strahd in 2020, I realized the boundless potential for creative Dungeon Masters to expand and delve into this extraordinary realm. Thus, I led a party of six adventurers on a thrilling journey, infusing it with new locations, lore, monsters, and quests. After eighteen months and sixty-five sessions, I meticulously crafted a series of guides to offer aspiring adventurers an epic campaign experience.

Legends of Barovia draws inspiration from the rich Ravenloft mythos of earlier D&D editions, as well as real-world history, literature, and my own imagination, adding depth and complexity to the lore of Ravenloft. Now, you too can claim this world as your own.

Our comprehensive 30-page guide provides everything you need to embark on your campaign in Barovia. Additionally, we offer a Player Guide to enhance your gaming experience. Get ready for an unforgettable journey in the mystical realm of Barovia with Legends of Barovia.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • What is Gothic Horror?
  • What is Curse of Strahd?
  • Barovia
  • Dark Powers
  • The Mists
  • Main Characters
  • Villages
  • History of Barovia
  • Barovia Timeline & Calendar
  • The Campaign
  • Player Hooks
  • Gothic Atmosphere
  • Rules for Gothic Horror
  • Session Zero: The Players
  • Session One: Gates of Barovia

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