The Coffin Maker Shop

Levels 4 – 6

The old coffin maker’s shop lies on the outskirts of Vallaki, adjacent to the stockyard. The weathered building now shows its age. Henrik van der Voort (N male human commoner), its aging owner, leads a solitary existence. His only companion is Konik Haflinger, the town’s wainwright, who assists with ornate coffin decorations as a skilled woodworker. Henrik relies on Milivoj, the church’s gravedigger and groundskeeper, for odd jobs such as coffin transport to the graveyard, but he generally keeps to himself.

Recently, Konik introduced Henrik to some Vistani. In a moment of carelessness, Henrik divulged news of an ancient skull in St. Andral’s church. The Vistani promptly shared the information with Rahadin, Strahd’s loyal servant. If the skull is the one that shields the church, this revelation could present an opportunity for Strahd to strike at the last stronghold of resistance in Vallaki, which has stood firm against his rule for centuries.

The coffin maker’s shop is a crucial location that is intrinsically tied to both the quest to acquire the skull of Saint Andral and the investigation of the Arasek stockyard murder (see guides “Saint Andral” and “Arasek Stockyard”).

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