The Crossroads

Level 3-4

The Old Svalich Road that runs from the village of Barovia to Vallaki was once an important thoroughfare for travelers and merchants. An old stone bridge crosses the Ivlis River, a reminder of the once-constant flow of people and goods along the old road.

When Strahd became lord of Barovia and ushered in the Dark Era, the Old Svalich Road became treacherous. Wolves, undead, and other foul creatures now prey on travelers. With such threats, only the Vistani and a few brave (or foolish) individuals travel beyond the protected walls of the villages.

The crossroads just beyond the old stone bridge has served as the gallows site for the last century. Grave robbers occasionally dig up the nearby shallow graves of the accused in a desperate search for treasure.

Villagers seldom venture beyond the crossroads, only making the journey to hang those whom they believe threaten Strahd’s rule. With this perverted sense of justice, they hope to earn the dark lord’s forgiveness and mercy.


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