Campaign Guide

Legends of Barovia is an expanded Curse of Strahd campaign that weaves new lore into the mythical lands of Barovia. With these guides, you can have a rich, unique experience in the amazing Curse of Strahd campaign.

Legends of Barovia borrows from the Ravenloft mythos of earlier editions of D&D as well as elements from real-world history, literature, and my own imagination to deepen Ravenloft’s lore. Now, this world is yours too.

This 30-page guide outlines everything you need to begin your campaign. Also included is a Player Guide.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • What is Gothic Horror?
  • What is Curse of Strahd?
  • Barovia
  • Dark Powers
  • The Mists
  • Main Characters
  • Villages
  • History of Barovia
  • Barovia Timeline & Calendar
  • The Campaign
  • Player Hooks
  • Gothic Atmosphere
  • Rules for Gothic Horror
  • Session Zero: The Players
  • Session One: Gates of Barovia

Video Guides