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Nestled within Barovia’s upper pine forests, Krezk rests in the far western reaches of the valley. A walled, rustic, isolated village, its history is a tapestry of resilience and transformation.

Unlike the sprawling village of Vallaki, Krezk is a small village. Within its modest walls, a small yet vital general store and an inn provide aid and rest to weary travelers. The locals are hard and tenacious, relying on their cunning and strength for survival. Archery skills honed through generations have made the Krezk hunters renowned for their precision and expertise. Tales of the local hunters are legendary.

The residents of Krezk have become even more guarded following recent events that rattled the village to its very core. A string of relentless werewolf attacks have plagued the village. Burgomaster Dimitri’s stringent orders dictate that no outsider may enter Krezk without just cause. The prevailing sentiment is one of vigilant skepticism, leading to the implementation of a rigorous entry test that all who dare to seek refuge within Krezk must undergo.

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