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Lake Zarovich

Nestled between the foot of Mount Baratok and the northern gate of Vallaki lies the enigmatic Lake Zarovich—a vast lake with a glassy black that conceals the unknown depths.

The shores of Lake Zarovich are not to be taken lightly. Packs of wolves and other elusive beasts roam near the lake, making it a place of potential peril.
Legends shared among children tell of a fearsome lake monster—a colossal frog capable of devouring a person whole. Though dismissed as mere fantasy by most, the eerie charm of the story lingers in the minds of those who venture near the lake.

Occasionally, Vallakians claim to witness peculiar occurrences north of the lake—mysterious lights, bolts of lightning, and sudden bursts of fire. Tales circulate of a deranged mage who appeared from the mists, hailing from another world. Supposedly, he engaged in a legendary battle against the dark lord, narrowly escaping with his life before finding refuge on the slopes of Mount Baratok. Despite the allure of these accounts, most doubt their veracity.

Some Vallakians bravely—or perhaps foolishly—risk their lives each day to fish the waters of Lake Zarovich. While the fish may not be abundant throughout, certain coves and other secret spots harbor sizable specimens. For those daring or desperate enough, a successful haul can yield a decent payment within the town, compensating for the hazards endured.

Lake Zarovich, with its shrouded mysteries, lurking dangers, and whispered tales, is a focal point for both intrigue and livelihood. Its dark allure draws adventurers, fishermen, and dreamers alike, each finding their own reasons to brave its depths and uncover the secrets held within.

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