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Luna River Bridge

The Old Svalich Road extends westward from Vallaki toward the village of Krezk, serving as a crucial trade route between the two settlements.
To reach their destination, travelers must traverse two significant bridges: the Luna River Bridge and the Raven River Bridge.

Beyond the protective walls of Vallaki, only a handful of villagers venture forth, as the Lunar River Bridge is reputedly haunted. Tales of a nocturnal ghost haunting the bridge have become a common topic of conversation within the taverns of Vallaki.

Sir Lingurvich (LN revenant), a knight of the Silver Dragon, is the ghostly presence that haunts the bridge. Transformed into a revenant, he was originally stationed at the old guardhouse to safeguard the Luna River crossing countless centuries ago. Unaware of his undead state and plagued by senility, Sir Lingurvich remains steadfast in his duty to protect the bridge. Every night, he dutifully illuminates the lanterns adorning the bridge. Despite his noble intentions, people fear him and hastily flee upon encountering him, though he remains oblivious to the reasons behind their reactions.


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