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Raven River Bridge

The Old Svalich Road extends westward from Vallaki toward the village of Krezk, serving as a crucial trade route between the two settlements.
To reach their destination, travelers must traverse two significant bridges: the Luna River Bridge and the Raven River Bridge.

Located just east of the village of Krezk, the Raven River Bridge is the last of the old covered bridges and is located near the Old Mill, one of the few remaining operational mills in Barovia. This mill plays a crucial role in grinding wheat, rye, and barley for the production of flour and ale in Vallaki.

Ovidia (LG female druid), the owner of the farm, keeps her true druid nature a secret unless she can trust the people she encounters. Living in solitude since her mother’s passing, she tends to her land alone.
As the party crosses the bridge, Ovidia emerges from the old windmill and approaches the road to greet the travelers, inquiring about their purpose. She may ask about a delayed shipment of wine from the Martikovs and mention that she hasn’t received a supply wagon in months.

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