Spider Queen Lair


In the shadowed land of Barovia, a tale of arachnid obsession and dark sorcery unfolds. Over two centuries ago, a witch, whose name has been lost to time, became obsessed with spiders. Her twisted magic birthed a brood of monstrous spiders, including ghost spiders, giant spiders, and phase spiders. These creatures now lurk menacingly within the forests of Barovia.
As her power swelled, so did her paranoia, driving her into a self-imposed exile. Her own coven, allies in the arcane arts, turned against her, fearing her powers. In a clandestine act of treachery, they ended her life, seeking to bury her dark legacy with her bones.
Yet in the realm of Barovia, secrets do not rest easily in their graves. The tale of the spider-enchanted witch captured the imagination of none other than Strahd von Zarovich. The witches and hags of Barovia, traditionally solitary in their dark pursuits and indifferent to the machinations of Strahd’s rule, began to stir. Fearing the repercussions of Strahd’s dark and unpredictable whims, a faction among them sought alliance with the formidable Baba Lysaga. This uneasy union between the hags and the ancient crone heralded a foreboding shift in the land’s sinister saga.
Compelled by the saga of the spider-obsessed witch, Strahd sought out her remains. In a ritual seeped in forbidden magic, he resurrected her as an undead entity, bestowing upon her formidable powers and dominion over darkness itself. She was to be known as the Spider Queen, a sovereign destined to weave her influence over the witches and hags of Barovia and enforce her dread lord’s will upon them.

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