Tser Falls

Level 3-4

The ancient stone bridge stands strong and proud, the large arch straddling the ice-cold, rushing river far below. A waterfall roars, cascading over the rocks and creating a fine mist that drifts across the bridge and settles over the surrounding area. The air is fresh and cool, and the sound of the falls echoes in the distance.

The bridge is built of weathered blocks of gray stone joined together by thick chunks of moss-covered mortar. Its arch spans the length of the gorge.

At both entrances to the bridge, statues of winged beasts stand as if on guard. Weathered by centuries of wind and rain, their features and details have worn away, except for the round eyes that seem to stare out into the void.

Across the bridge to the north, a path leads along the edge and disappears into the forest.

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