Tser Pool Encampment

Levels 3-4

A small lake, the Tser Pool, is fed by the cold spring waters trickling down from the north side of Mount Ghakis. The river flowing out of the Tser Pool was once a favored fishing location before the Dark Era, and the lake itself still teems with river fish.

The lake is surrounded by dense forest, save for a small clearing on the northeast side at the base of the Pillar of Ravenloft. When the mists came to Barovia, the Dilisnya Vistani Clan made a permanent settlement on the southwest shore. Over the centuries they became known as the Tser Vistani.

The Tser Vistani have a rich culture filled with music, dance, stories, and rituals. An evening with the Tser Vistani is always memorable.

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