Village of Vallaki

Levels 4-6

The largest village in Barovia seems almost normal compared to the rest of the valley. Behind the stockade walls, villagers go about their business. Indeed, the walls serve as a literal and figurative barrier between the gothic-horror-filled realm and the lingering hope that all is well. Villagers whisper of strange and twisted creatures that roam the night beyond the walls. Other than a few brave hunters, few venture beyond the walls.

Vallaki is chock full of intrigue, rumors, spies, and the machinations of medieval politics. Nefarious characters tread the shadows, all looking to gain an advantage, a favor, or perhaps information for powerful locals or Strahd himself. The ruthless burgomaster runs the town, aided by his henchman Izek. The burgomaster holds regular festivals to boost the morale of the people, but they do little to improve the dark atmosphere pressing upon the town.

Lady Wachter, a powerful woman of noble lineage, vies for power and plots to overthrow the burgomaster. She has been using her secret cult in subversive ways, hoping to finally take control of the town.

This guide provides new locations for adventures to visit in Vallaki, giving them additional places to find supplies, rest, and clues about Barovia and Strahd. Some locations provide side quests that introduce other new locations and drive the plot of the Legends of Barovia campaign. Many of the NPCs in this guide are self-serving but neither good nor evil; they are merely trying to carve out some small corner of happiness in gloomy Barovia.

The following are new shops and locations of interest that expand the options in Vallaki’s town square:

† Avicenna’s Augury (potions and alchemy)
† The Cart and Wheel (wainwright and carpenter)
† The Hab and Dash (tailor)
† Skran’s Leather and Hides (leatherworker)
† Walpole and Son (bookstore)
† Wayland’s Hammer (blacksmith and armory)

These other locations have been expanded upon to add life to the streets of Vallaki:

† Blackwater Tavern (tavern and bakery)
† Blinky’s toy shop (toy shop)
† Ernst’s home (private residence)
† Haunted house (haunted location)
† Lila’s Herbal Remedies (herbalist and midwife)
† Milivoj’s home (private residence)
† Trapped Paw (hunting supplies)
† Von Holtz Manor (private residence)

This guide also introduces a new situation for the party to deal with: “Special Event: Curse of the Love Doll.” Izek has learned a Vistani curse and plans on charming Ireena into loving him.

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