Village of Barovia

Levels 2 – 3

The Village is one of the smallest villages and looms under the shadow of Castle Ravenloft, which sits high upon the hill.

Only a short time ago, the Burgomaster passed away in mysterious circumstances, some believe he was cursed and died in a frightened state, as punishment by Lord Strahd. The Burgomaster’s son, Ismark, has inherited his father’s post and demands respect but spends most of his time in the tavern drinking. The townsfolk have little respect for Ismark and avoid him, fearing that he too may have been cursed by Strahd.

Father Donavich, keeps to himself since his son has gone missing. Few attend mass since the darkness has come to the land. The Blood of the Vine tavern sees little business and the only store left in the village is Bildrath’s Mercantile, which overcharges and has little to offer.

The townsfolk either stick to themselves as despair casts a dark blanket over those who remain. The town population has fallen by 50%, and over half the homes have fallen into a decrepit state. The missing townsfolk are either dead or fled to Vallaki.

The following places of interest:

  1. Church of the Morninglord
  2. Blood of the Vine Tavern
  3. Bildrath’s Mercantile
  4. Mad Mary’s Townhouse
  5. Burgomaster’s Mansion

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