Vistani Camp

Unlike the Vistani at the Tser Pools, the Vistani in the camp outside of Vallaki maintain a secret alliance with Strahd, dutifully carrying out his orders. They can be recognized by their red scarves, which bear a distinctive pattern. Men wear their scarves either around their necks or on their head, while women wear them around their necks or legs or as a sarong (skirt).

Despite the open decree from the burgomaster of Vallaki prohibiting the presence of Vistani and dusk elves within the town, it is widely known that the Vistani frequently enter the town, often to engage in trade. They tend to linger in the shadows, often sticking to the slums, and are regular patrons of establishments like the Blackwater Tavern and areas behind the stockyards. Notably, individuals such as Ernst the coffin maker, Horic Ginch, and the wainwright engage in covert dealings with the Vistani, exchanging goods, particularly wine. The Vistani also oversee underground gambling operations within Vallaki. Horic Ginch owes them money, and the Wachter boys are frequent gamblers.

The Vistani maintain a deep-seated suspicion of anyone who visits their camp, often attempting to sell the unsuspecting visitor a potion of the mist. They might extend an invitation to the seemingly friendly “Prastonata” dance, yet their true aim is extracting valuable information. Trusting outsiders is not their nature, as they consistently seek opportunities to gain advantages over others, particularly in trade.

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