Levels 4-6

The Wachter lineage follows a matriarchal system, with the eldest female presiding over the family affairs. This family became minor nobility and joined the Ravenloft court four hundred years ago. At that time, Lovina Wachter, a merchant’s daughter, found herself enamored with Leo the Lion, a part-Vistani man who was also the illegitimate child of King Barov and Strahd’s stepbrother. Leo discovered Strahd’s plans to murder his brother Sergie and his affection for Tatyana. While seeking refuge with Lovina, Leo shared his secret knowledge about Strahd. Lovina, who secretly admired Strahd and hoped to gain court favor, betrayed Leo by reporting him to Strahd. Strahd, in turn, commanded Lovina to end Leo’s life. As a reward for her obedience, Strahd elevated the Wachter family, making it a member of the Ravenloft court.

For four centuries, the Wachters have maintained their loyalty to Strahd. Lovina Wachter learned dark magic and created a cult of local villagers who served as her informants and underlings. Over the centuries, the Wachter family has dominated Vallaki’s shadowy underbelly, forming alliances with the Vistani and influential families. Recently, the burgomaster’s clan, the Vallakovich, has been displaying increased audacity and defiance toward Strahd. Lady Fiona Wachter, the current family matriarch, believes the moment is ripe to wrest power from the Vallakovich family and claim leadership of Vallaki.

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