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Werewolf Den

Legend of the Werewolf

This tale is often told in the villages of Krezk and Vallaki, passed down by wolf hunters and elders alike. Its veracity is the subject of debate, as fact mingles with myth, cautionary tale, and the storyteller’s flair:

In an age veiled by the mists of time, when the Fey still roamed and no king had yet been crowned, a prodigious wolf resided near the crystal waters of Lake Baratok. This wolf, articulate in the tongue of men, was known as the worg.

Once, a curious youth from Krezk strayed too far into the wilderness, only to be set upon by an immense wolf. Though he survived the attack, whispers spread that the worg had been his assailant. After that fateful night, the boy transformed into a wolf with each full moon and disappeared into the labyrinthine woods.

Raised by the worg as a son of the forest, the boy learned the speech of beasts and ways of the hunt. He matured into a fearsome creature, one that would stalk villagers under the moon’s silvery glow, capturing and cursing them to share his lupine fate.

Today, doors are bolted come nightfall, and children heed the call to stay within the safety of town walls. Only the most valorous of wolf hunters dare seek the werewolves that roam the darkened forest—and those who do are seldom heard from again.

The Fractured Werewolf Clan

The werewolf clan has recently splintered into two opposing factions. Kiril, the current chieftain, has led the clan down a morally perilous path. Targeting human children for both recruitment and sustenance, he pits these captives against each other in deadly combat. The sole survivor is turned into a werewolf—a process Kiril claims “strengthens and purifies the pack”—while the fallen children become macabre feasts.

Emil, the son of the clan’s former leader, Skennis, strongly condemns Kiril’s ruthless methods. Advocating a return to the clan’s old ways and vows to the Fey, Emil opposes consuming any being they didn’t personally kill. Taking matters into his own hands, Emil challenged Kiril to a duel for leadership. In accordance with their pack’s customs, this fight would be to the death. Emil emerged victorious, but in an unexpected act of mercy, spared Kiril’s life. Humiliated and defeated, Kiril left the clan with his mate Bianca and loyalists Lars and Davanka.

With Kiril gone, Emil reinstated the clan’s traditional values, ceasing the kidnapping and consumption of human children. However, Emil soon disappeared during a mountain hunt and has not been found since. His mate, Zuleika (daughter of Skran and Zella from Vallaki), temporarily assumed control.

Kiril returned recently, flanked by a cadre of dire wolves and his loyalists. He vowed to find Emil, announcing that if he couldn’t be found by the new moon, he would reclaim the clan’s leadership. Emil remains missing, and Kiril has reinstated the clan’s sinister practices. Whispers abound that Kiril and his dire wolves are clandestine agents of Strahd, with many suspecting that they had a role in Emil’s vanishing.

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