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Wizard of Wines

The Wizard of Wines owes its evocative name to an enigmatic figure, a so-called wizard whose sole magical talent—if the tales are to be believed—was an uncanny ability to cultivate the most exquisite grapes and create unparalleled wines.

Originally, the land on which the winery sits was granted to the Abbey of Krezk in the year Y142. For nearly two centuries, the abbey’s monks preserved the art of winemaking, even through the tumultuous times of the Great War. When the abbey was abandoned in the aftermath of that conflict, Prince Strahd saw fit to award the vineyard and its surrounding territories to the Krezkov family, who had gained their own as burgomasters of Krezk.

Although the Krezkovs held the land, they displayed little passion for the winery. The winery’s fortune took a turn when the Krezkovs’ eldest daughter wed a member of the Martikov family. It was this union that breathed new life into the vineyard, restoring the winery despite the Dark Powers and mist that pervaded the valley, which brought forth the insidious vine blights. Season after season, these malevolent entities threaten to devastate the vineyard as they leech vitality from the grapevines. Over the years, the Martikov family has grown resilient, adapting to this perpetual menace that, for them, has evolved from a peril into a troubling yet accepted aspect of their daily lives.

The Martikovs have been the stewards of the winery for over three centuries, producing three noteworthy wines: the humble Purple Grapemash No. 3, the more intriguing Red Dragon Crush, and the luxurious Champagne du le Stomp.

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