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Wizard’s Tower

In the ancient days, long before the rise of kings and the dark shadow cast upon Barovia, there existed a druid named Khazan. He forged a deep bond with the Fey, mystical beings who shared his commitment to safeguarding the valley from encroaching darkness. Together they embarked on a momentous undertaking—the creation of the renowned Amber Temple, a bastion of protection against the forces of evil.

As the Amber Temple took shape, Khazan’s powers grew, transforming him into a formidable wizard. The Fey, recognizing his dedication and wisdom, blessed him with exceedingly long life. For centuries, Khazan served as the guardian and master of the Amber Temple, keeping watch over its secrets and protecting the valley from the encroaching darkness.

As the years passed, Barovia remained relatively peaceful, and Khazan returned from the mountains where the Amber Temple stood. He chose to build his tower on the tranquil shores of Lake Baratok, seeking a place to spend the rest of his days. Khazan became known as as wise old man renowned for his profound wisdom and knowledge. Many sought him out, yearning for his guidance and enlightenment.

Centuries later the tower became an unexpected sanctuary for the monster hunter Rudolph van Richten and his ally, Ezmerelda D’Avenir. They recognized the potential hidden within its walls—the remnants of Khazan’s efforts.

Together, these remnants formed a treasure trove of knowledge, offering valuable insights to those who sought to confront Strahd and navigate the treacherous lands of Barovia. Within the abandoned wizard’s tower, PCs may find the keys to understanding their adversary and unraveling the secrets that could aid them on their perilous journey.

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