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Yester Hill

The druids trace their lineage back to the valley’s first inhabitants, the Ursari, also known as the Mountain Folk. These people understood early on that a life in balance with nature was essential, a belief reaffirmed once they encountered the Fey. This led to the founding of the Druidic Order, whose mission was to protect both nature and the Fey. More details about the Ursari and their customs are available in the “Bârgău Guide.”

As time went on, druids spread out to live among all the communities in the valley. They became known as wise teachers and respected elders to the local people.

However, things changed when the first kings arrived, bringing the worship of the Morninglord with them. Gradually, the valley’s inhabitants began believing in this new deity, and the druids, once central to village life, were now outsiders. In response, the druids retreated to the forests in the southwest, where they continued their practices in peace, honoring nature and the Fey as they always had.

The druids stayed out of the conflicts of men, even during the Great War that swept through the valley long ago. They maintained their neutrality until Strahd, who had become the dark lord of the land, captured the Water Fey. The druids couldn’t ignore this; they tried to free the Fey but failed. Strahd punished them by taking away their power to shapeshift and sent his forces to destroy the sacred Fey stone circles, killing many druids in the process.

After being cast out from the villages, the druids found solace in the deep forests of the valley. Isolated from the Fey’s guidance, they sought to forge a new connection with the spirits of their ancestors. They planted one of the last Fey Trees atop Yester Hill, which was also their ancient burial ground, hoping it would grow and intertwine with the essence of their forebears.

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